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 Estrogen levels. What men need to know

Estrogen levels. What men need to know

We all know that humans highly depend on hormones and biological activity inside our bodies. It is so crucial that even slight changes can make a significant impact on our bodies. I hope we all know how vital is Testosterone for men. Let’s examine the importance of its twin sister, Estrogen.

What is estrogen?

Estrogen is an “antipode” of Testosterone and usually described as the primary female hormone. The hormone functions for women are pretty explanatory. What do we get for men? First of all, it’s called hormone, but it embodies the whole group of hormones of this label. What we are interested here is E2 Estradiol or Estrogen dominant hormone here.
Estradiol plays a significant role in our maturing and crucial to male sexual function. It supports our cardiovascular system, helps us to keep energy levels and nursing our sexual libido. It showed up as a notable player in the formation of male growth hormone IGF-1. Also, it’s been seen related to the increased amount of androgenic receptors in some tissues.

Normal estrogen levels

The lack, as well as excess of one, disposes us with a plenty of diseases. Atherosclerosis, degenerative diseases, a risk of prostate cancer, muscle loss, sexual dysfunction and more.
The latest studies have revealed the correlation between death’s percentage and levels of Estradiol in the blood. The numbers are quite shocking. The group of the high level Estradiol which had 37.40 pg/mL or above showed 133% more chance to die, and the group of the low level at under 12.90 pg/mL, showed us appalling 317% rate of deaths. The normal levels are between 21.80 and 30.11 pg/mL. These stats assert the importance of Estrogen in our blood. So, we get a yin-yang picture with the black dot of Estrogen wading the white ocean of Testosterone, helping us not to kick the bucket too soon.

From a young age, men have the smallest amount of Estrogen. While growing up, Testosterone starts to convert to Estrogen a lot more and levels of the last begin to increase. This process’s called aromatase reaction or aromatization and ensued from Testosterone – Estrogen conversion. We should be more concerned with high Estrogen levels after we pass 35. Though, this rule is more applicable for natural gainers. If we deal with anabolic steroids which can be cause for excessive Estrogen delivery, it is going to be a crucial question in any age. Having said that you should be in touch with your physiologist during the use of any pharma. The hormone test is simple and covers basic blood and urine probe.

Estrogen levels treatment

If the scope showed high or low levels of Estrogen levels, we should think of therapy. Though, before falling on medicines, it is better to rely on natural treatment. Proper nutrition, physical activity, vitamins and minerals intake, especially Zinc, vitamin D3 and group B. Taking natural aromatase suppressors, such as the chrysin or lignans. Try to decrease alcohol as much as possible, since it shows high correlation with Estrogen overshoot. If the treatment doesn’t help, it is time to ask your doctor to prescribe aromatase-inhibitors such as Arimidex, or Novadex XT. Be careful with these drugs. It is very strong and can be a cause for serious side-effects if not taken properly.

Summing up all above we can say that Estrogen is not that sinful as many usually cognize. Moreover, we have found the contrary. If it sits in a safe range, it provides our bodies with health, energy and plays some crucial roles in our bodies.